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Sentara Leigh Clothing Closet

The Sentara Leigh Clothing Care Closet program encourages individual responsibility for our community by helping those in times of need.  The Sentara Leigh Clothing Care Closet is Becca Rose's Gold Award Project from May 2020.

Below are the Important information and guidelines for this community service project:

  • Sentara Leigh Hospital is located at 830 Kempsville Rd, Norfolk, VA 
  • Contact the volunteer coordinator, Veronica Burnet via email at [email protected] (preferable) or 757-261-8086 to determine the closet's needs and to coordinate a day and time.  
  • Only Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors are allowed to volunteer at Sentara Leigh; maximum of 4 people (2 girls and 2 adults) are allowed to volunteer in the clothing closet at one time.
  • This is a quarterly community service project: January, April, July and October.
  • The volunteer coordinator will let you know is specific clothes are needed; if the closet becomes full the troop will be responsible for organizing and folding the clothes that are already there.
  • If clothes are needed troops can hold a clothing drive by posting to the Service Unit Leader's Facebook page, contacting friends and family, starting an Amazon Wish list or even buying some of the items from troop funds.
  • Once the community service project is complete, Care Closet Patches are available from the Service Unit.