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Troop Opportunities

Virginia Beach Public Library System

There are 9 branches with multiple opportunities available for troops. Go to the Virginia Beach Public Library webpage for more information.

Tours: All branches do tours that can be personalized. A leader or parent may call a branch and ask for a tour and the staff member in charge of tours would ask about:

· Any special issues to point out and discuss. E.g. badge subjects, thinking day countries, etc.

· Length of tour

· Ages

· Number in group

· Preferred time

· Preferred date

Volunteer Opportunities: The library volunteer coordinator is Angella Wetterlin

Displays: Troops can make displays for a branch; troops should visit their branch to get information about creating a display.

3D Printers: Central Library, Joint-Use Library, Great-Neck Library and Bayside Library all have 3D printers now. In order to use the printers, a person has to:

· Have a library card in good standing: free for VB residents

· Complete an orientation session with a library staff member

· Parents need to be present for the orientation because we need a signature on our terms of use form

· Once the orientation is completed, children, age 12 and up, can print without an adult present

· For more information

Green Screen: The Joint-Use Library has a green screen in the Digital Media Lab. In order the use the green screen, a person has to:

· Have a library card in good standing: free for VB residents

· Complete an orientation session with a library staff member

Study Rooms: The Joint-Use Library System has 35 study rooms available on a first come, first serve basis for groups of 1-8 persons. In order the use a study room, a person has to:

· 16 years or older to check out the room

· Have a library card in good standing: free for VB residents

· For more information

Everything mentioned here is free!

Cabot's Scout Patch Program

Seven free patch programs.

Cabot Creamery is proud to offer seven free programs for youth community groups: Co-ops for Community, Calcium Challenge, Fueling Head to Toe, Gratitude, 'B' the Change, Pollinator and the Sustainability Patch Programs. Children of all ages will enjoy exploring these patches to help build life-long skills.

Free Museum Tickets For Your Troop

Once a year in September, it's free Museum Day!

You’ll need to register and print out official Museum Day tickets in advance.

Apple Store Field Trip

How To Request a Field Trip at an Apple Store

Apple offers free field trips for kids year round (much harder to schedule from mid-September through December). They typically can do 1 per week and available dates tend to be three months out. On occasion you *may* be able to get one sooner, but no earlier than a month due to scheduling (it’s best to plan on the trip being 3 months out).

To start, visit .

Select State and then the Store you want to visit- Lynnhaven and MacArthur Center are the two closest to us- and then Sign Up.

Part 1- The point of contact for your troop goes under Contact Information. Super important to know: the field trip champion at Apple will communicate via e-mail and only e-mail.

Part 2- Instead of School, you’ll enter Girl Scout Troop xxx (your troop number). Select the age group(s) that fits your troop. Field trips are best for girls 8 and up.

Part 3- Select “For Students” and approx. the number of attendees. They’ll need a firm number the week before, but a good estimate when submitting. They need to know how many people to schedule to facilitate the field trip.

Part 4- Additional comments is super important in making the booking of your field trip smooth. You want to tell them specifically what you’re looking to do or achieve within your field trip- not the badge you’re working on. Some good examples are below:

“We want to create a short video/commercial/clip on why girls should join Girl Scouts.” – Field trip will be around either using iMovie or Clips, depending on the ages.

“We want to learn more about coding and/or code a robot.” – This would be an intro to Swift Playgrounds or using Sphero to go through a maze

“We want to create art using technology.” – They can show them how to do sketching with iPads.

General things that can be done or apps used: photography, art, Swift playgrounds, Sphero, Garageband, iMovie, Clips, Jimu robots, sketch and plan an app (but not code it), sketch Emoji ideas, design a treehouse, make beats.

If you’re not sure what you want to do, check out and see what is being offered to the general public. Those topics are options for field trips too.

Click submit and keep an eye out on your e-mail- it can take a week or so before they are able to get in contact with you; also check your Spam and Junk folders daily.

If you have to cancel, please let them know as soon as possible!